G75979(S5026) Katana signed Muge Hachiman-ju KANEKUNI-saku
An auspicious day in the fifth month, sixteenth year of HEISEI (A.D.2004) installed in Black sheath Uchikatana Kishirae
Contemporary sword (The 16th year of HEISEI/A.D.2004) Gifu prefecture
Length of cutting edge72.8cm Curvature1.7cm Width of base33.1mm Thickness of base7.6mm Width of Yokote24.3mm
Sugata(configuration) : Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune. Mihaba is wide and there is less difference in width between base and upper tip. The kasane is thick and there is deep curve leading to large kissaki, magnificent sword. There is Bo-hi grooves on both sides.(click HERE for higher resolution)
Kitae(forging pattern) : Kitae-hada is combination of fine Ko-itame-hada (wooden grain) and entwined flowing masame-hada. Hiraji is covered in Ji-nie.
Hamon(tempering pattern) : Hamon starts with quiet Yakidashi, then a large zig-zag outline so called Toran-ha like a rise and fall surge. Deep Nioi-kuchi with bright Ko-nie attaches along the tempering line. Thick Nie-suji lines and brushing sunagashi works in the interior of temper.
Boshi (tip): The temper of the tip is suguha medium circle turn back.
Nakago(tang) : UBU (unaltered). Filemark is Osujikai with Kesho, one mekugi-ana(retaining hole), Kurijiri in full heel shape. The signature in hakiomite starts with place of work Muge Hachiman-ju and smith name KANEKUNI, the ura is chiselled with the date of year An auspicious day in the fifth month, sixteenth year of HEISEI (A.D,2004)
KANEKUNI, his real name is Ogawa Kunihiko, born in the 14th year of Taisho (A.D.1925), lives in Hachiman, Megegawa-town, Mugi-pref. He became a pupil of Ogawa Kanekuni and was nominated the youngest official sword smith by the department of the Amy. He has been awarded Takamatsunomiya prize, Yushu, Doryou prizes and just has awarded Kunzan prized in 2003, 2004 continuously, one of the best skilled proof. He made a clean break with a traditional Mino school technique and re-create a work of Toran-ha which resembles to a work of Tsuda Echizen-no-kami SUKEHIRO. He and his son are remarkable contemporary sword smith.
Pure silver habaki collar. Black sheath uchikatana koshirae (Tuba signed TOMOJI gold and silver inlay)