H1457(T6255) Tanto signed Toshihide Celebration Emperor's era 2600th year NBTHK(TokubetsuKicho) JPYen450,000
Modern sword (15th year of Showa/1940)
Length of cutting edge 18.1cm Width of base 20.4mm Thickness of base 8.8mm
Blade construction : Kanmuri-otoshi zukuri, Mitsu-mune, Thick kasane and uchizori curvature. There are Naginata-hi grooves on both sides.
Forging(Hada) : Hada is fine and tight Ko-itame. Ji-nie and utsuri reflection works on hiraji.
Temper(Hamon) : Hamon is nioi based wet suguha mixing with small gunome. Habuchi is covered in fine and uniform Ko-nie.
Tang(Nakago) : Nakago is in ubu one ANA. The signature on hakiomote is two large character reading TOSHI HIDE and ura is engraving celebration character and the date of year emperor's era 2600 th year.
Temper of tip(Boshi) : Boshi is straight and small circle turn back.
HORII TOSHIHIDE belonged to Horio Naoaki school. His real name is Horii Kaneyoshi, a representative sword smith during early Showa period. He made the official presentation blade for the 700 years anniversary of Gotoba emperor in 14th year of Showa and one for Miyazaki temple in the 15th year of Showa(2600th year celebration Emperor's era) as well. This work was made for celebration as well in 1940. Jigane is very fine ko-itame with uturi reflection and uniform ji-nie works on hiraji. File mark on nakago is also made politely and elaborately. Since this work was registered in 1951 and not has been polished ever since it was made, there is a tiny tip off at the tip and are some darkish stains that comes from slight rust, but these shall be blow away next time when it is polished.
Silver foil habaki collar, Shira-Saya.