O91228(S2701) Katana Unsigned attributed to Tegai Kanekiyo NBTHK(HOZON) JPYen1,200,000
Koto End of Nanbokucho/early Muromachi period(14th C.)
Length of cutting edge70.0cm Curvature2.0cm Width of Base30.1mm Width of Yokote20.8cm Thickness of Base7.1mm
Blade construction: Shinogi-zukuri, High Iori-mune. There is funbari and koshizori curvature leading to middle Kissaki.
Forging(Hada): Hada is fine worked Ko-Itame mixing in Masame that is thickly covered in Ji-Nie and is entirely very tight and beautiful. There is YUBASHIRI temper.
Temper(Hamon): Hamon is straight based, mixing in "joint like" gunome and is covered in minute Nie - fray(hotsure) and Niju-ha activity which is bright and vivid.
Temper of Tip(Boshi): Boshi is covered in Nie and Hakikake brushing.
Tang(Nakago): Nakago is OSURIAGE, unsigned, Kiri bottom shape, two ANA, Katte-sagari filemarks.
Distinguished Tegai family in Yamato province, the founder KANENAGA during end of Kamakura period, had succeeded till Kansei-period(1460) middle of Muromachi period. This work is attributed to KANEKIYO during end of Nanbokucho/early Muromachi period. High ridge of mune and shinogi, hotsure and Niju-ha temper and Koshizori shape is a major identification feature of this smith. Although this Katana is suriage cut, there well remains a certain presumption of the shape when it was made. Jigane is thickly covered in minute Ji-nie and delicately beautiful. This work has a superb Ji-Ha and is a masterpiece of the famed sword of Tegai Kanekiyo. The entire blade is strikingly healthy.
Double gold foiled habaki, Shira-Saya mounting.