O98376(Y1405) O-mi Yari signed Ise-daijo Shimosaka MITSUHIRO NBTHK(HOZON)
Shinto middle of Edo period(Genroku/CIRCA1688)
Length of cutting edge 57.2cm Width of base 28.1mm Thickness of base 17.5mm Length of tang 45.2cm
Blade construction : O-mi Yari, Hira-sankaku. There is bo-hi groove on Hakiura.
Forging(Hada) : Hada is well kneaded Itame mixing in with Masame-hada. Chikei and Ji-nie works on hiraji.
Temper(Hamon) : Hamon is straight based, Nioi-basd and Ko-nie attaches on Habuchi. There is Sunagashi activity in the interior of temper.
Tang(Nakago) : Nakago is ubu. one ANA. The signature on hakiomote is eight character engraving that reads I-SE-DAI-JO-SHIMO-SAKA-MITSU-HIRO.
Temper of tip(Boshi): Boshi is Hakikake and sharpened turn back.
MITSUHIRO in Echizen province, Shimosaka school was active during Genroku period. Hada is darkish and has fine Ji-ha. There is a grain opening in Bo-hi groove, however, in consideration of such long and thick kasane, the whole blade is quite good condition. Shira-Saya mounting included.