K6998(W2226) Wakizashi signed Chikuzen-ju Gonzabei MORITSUGU kore-wo-tsukuru
In the 2nd month, Dog, the 1st calender sign, Houei 5th (1708)
NBTHK(Tokubetsu Hozon)
Shinto Middle of Edo period (Houei 5th / 1708) Chikuzen
Length of cutting edge 45.5cm Curvature 1.5cm Width of base 26.2mm Width of Yokote 18.7mm Thickness of base 6.7mm
Sugata(configuration) : Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune. Shinogi-suji is high holding ample volume in Hirakuniku massively heavy on hand. Deep in Sori to form in a well-harmonized tapering from base to middle point of Kissaki. (click HERE for higher resolution)
Kitae(forging pattern) : Kitae-hada is fine Ko-Itame whereas Masame hada pattern is perceived along shinogi-ji. Hiraji-surface is covered in soaked sparkling Ji-nie. Speckled refrection of Midare-utsuri clearly appears on surface.
Hamon(tempering pattern) : Hamon stats with small Gunome where a bit on tighter side Nie granules then variety of small, large or tall clove outline of Choji-ha in diffrent shape or angles and some hamon generates unique pattern like a head of squid. Some isolated temper "Tobiyaki" splashes onto Hiraji. Upper the Monouchi area, varied in shape and height almost reaches to Shinogi-suji. Silvery white quenching Nie is condensing along boundary lines where is sparkling even more. Slanting ASHI feet emit onto cutting edge in angles, isolated YOU flow and short lines of SUNAGASHI streams in the interior of temper. Refreshing hamon is clarly bright with rich quenching activity from hardening process.
Boshi (tip): The temper of the tip is wide and strong in temper with an indication of irregular Midarekomi small circle turns back.
Nakago(tang) : Ship-bottom shape unaltered in UBU. One original peg retaining hole. Nakago is slightly curved also. Filemark is greatly slanting left (O-sujikai). The signature in front starts with the name of domain Chikuzen-ju 筑前住, real name Gonzabei 権左兵衛 then smith name MORITSUGU kore-wo-tsukuru 守次造之. The other side is engraved with the date of year In the 2nd month, Dog, the 1st calender sign, Houei 5th 宝永五戌子二月日.

When KURODA Nagamasa who won the highest martial spirit was transferred from Bizen domain to the fief of Chikuzen yielding 50,000 koku of rice, he took smith KORETSUGU 是次 into his service exclusively. In order to develop pure Bizen-tradition, KORETSUGU 是次 went up capital Edo in Meireki 1st (1655) and studied under Musashi-daijo Unju KOREKAZU 武蔵大掾石堂是一 in 3 years to be a founder of Fukuoka Ishido school.
The subject maker MORITSU 守次, an elder cousin of KORETSUGU, legitimated to KORETSUGU family in Enpo 8th (1680) to make an exclusive contract with Chikuzen domain.
MORITSUGU 守次 played Bizen-tradition whereas NOBUKUNI 信国 belonges in Soushu-school - Both of two friendly rival artisans under exclusive contract with Fukuoka domain worked hard together to meet with requirement from high class Samurai in Chikuzen. His swords were not commodity,not allowed distribution to open market herefore manufacturing quantity was quite low and quire rare to find with scarcity value.

The subject Wakizashi with the date of year 1708 was made to order as the Wakizashi to form DAISHO set of Katana and Wakizashi. He looks up an ancient Ichimonji work from kamakura age. Created in an archaic style with defined curve neat the base. In view of steel clear mist of Midare-Utsuri hung over the flamboyant hamon. Pure-white Hamon is lively vibrant that almost reaches to Shinogi-suji. Usually his inscription signature is Chikuzen-koku Fukuoka-ju MORITSUGU 筑前国福岡住守次 whereas this Wakizashi is inscribed with his real name Gonzabei 権三兵衛 to understand that it proves his satisfying workmanship. In view of Nakago, it holds the great taste of patina in 300 years more, clear chisel inscription with the date of year. This wakizashi is a part of SHO to make up the comlete set of DAISHO.
Original single layer gold foiled Habaki, preserved in Shirasaya plain wood mounting
Good old polish/Condition scale: excellent (using a scale of mint-excellent-very good-good-fair-poor)
Wakizashi signed Chikuzen-ju Gonzabei MORITSUGU kore-wo-tsukuru
 Wakizashi signed Chikuzen-ju Gonzabei MORITSUGU kore-wo-tsukuru
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